The Finnish amusement park

pista kart elettrici powerpark In Harma, Finland, there is a huge amusement park near a land of over 100 hectares. It was developed around the famous circuit of Mika Salo. A hotel of high standards, an amusement park full of attractions, a camping area, the largest indoor go-kart track of Europe, an outdoor track of international fame, various shops and an equestrian center form this integrated space, which was created for the entertainment of children and adults to make sure the entire family is satisfied.

Example of an indoor and outdoor go-kart track
The biggest European pavilion for indoor karting looks like a palace from the outside. It covers a surface of more than 1 acre and, in addition to the circuit where the Karts manufactured by OTL race against each other, there is a coffee place with about 100 seats for people to enjoy. The building, 22 meters high, can easily be converted into an exhibition area or concert hall.>br/> The indoor go-kart track unwinds over 600 meters of track: it was built to ensure the highest safety for the pilots and, thanks to its high degree of flexibility, to avoid possible collisions. Mika Salo remembers that, in the course of his 30-year career as a kart pilot, this activity has changed a lot over time, even by increasing the auxiliary services of the circuit and the fun of kart fans, which continue to grow in numbers on a daily basis.