The Storm series includes the following models: Prokart, Prokart Evo, Competition Kart.
Prokart is the entry-level model, Prokart Evo is the most complete model in terms of accessories and Competition Kart is a high performance model for expert drivers and fans.
Various interventions can be carried out to transform a Prokart into a Prokart Evo and, subsequently, even into a Competition Kart.
The STORM series offers different types of Prokart solutions: indoor/outdoor, chain/belt, with lead batteries only and BE equipment (Base Equipment). It comes with an AC electric motor, without a differential (unlike the Prokart Evo which has one), LED stoplight, reverse gear, self-ventilated disk brake, remote radio controller, complete protection of the mechanical parts with an integral body and a shaped footboard.

OTL electric karts STORM series