Indoor go-kart track, the American dream

pista kart elettrici lasvegasPole Position Raceway was founded in Corona, California, in September 2005. The decision to make an indoor go-kart track for the electric karts manufactured by OTL, turned out to be a winning choice from the start and a profitable investment from the early stages.

Today, just a few years after its opening, another 3 were opened in Murrieta, California, in Las Vegas, Nevada, and in Oklahoma City. Others will follow soon. Investing in the entertainment and leisure field has revealed itself to be a highly profitable and low risk investment; thanks to the formula that was already tested and made available depending on the various possible partnership solutions offered by OTL.
Today, it is the most respected and renowned brand on the indoor karting market of North America. Indeed, experts defined the go-kart track of Las Vegas as the best go-kart track of America.

Las Vegas is renowned throughout the world for its entertainment and games. Electric kart races attract the thousands of tourists who come to this city - in the desert of Nevada - every year. The loyal fans of go-kart tracks or of motor sports affirm that indoor karting is the closest thing to real racing. If Las Vegas is renowned for gambling, investing on a kart rental activity, on the implementation of facilities, technostructures and go-kart tracks - places where there is room for bars, restaurants and other businesses where people can spend their free time with friends and happily - is guaranteed to become a highly profitable decision with extremely limited periods of amortization.
If the Pole Position Raceway is a typical example of success in America, OTL's experience can make it happen in every country worldwide: reassessing an unused building, buying an empty building to start a profitable business, turning a simple piece of land into a really entertaining destination. These are just a few of the possible solutions that can become a good alternative to conventional investments, thanks to a partnership with OTL.


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