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The Storm series includes the following models: Prokart, Prokart Evo, Competition Kart. Prokart is the entry level model, Prokart Evo is the most complete model in terms of accessories and Competition Kart is a high performance model for expert drivers and fans. Various interventions can be carried out to transform a Prokart into a Prokart Evo and, subsequently, even into a Competition Kart. The Storm series offers different types of Prokart Evo solutions: indoor/outdoor, chain/belt, lead battery/lithium. Three different types of equipment are also available for this model (Base Equipment BE, Safety Equipment SE, Comfort&Safety Equipment CSE). It comes with an AC electric motor, differential, LED stoplight, reverse gear, two self-ventilated disk brakes, remote radio controller with 8 speeds, complete protection of the mechanical parts with a monocoque and a shapedfootboard.


Map of configurations   (kart-elettrici-v available  - not available)

Indoor Outdoor
Chain Belt Chain Belt
BE (Base Equipment) icona kart-elettrici-v icona kart-elettrici-v icona kart-elettrici-v icona kart-elettrici-v
SE (Safety Equipment) kart-elettrici-v kart-elettrici-v kart-elettrici-v kart-elettrici-v
CSE (Comfort & Safety Equipment) kart-elettrici-v kart-elettrici-v kart-elettrici-v kart-elettrici-v

Descriptions of the configurations

INDOOR / OUTDOOR Indoor Kart realized for indoor tracks
Outdoor Kart realized for rain conditions
TRANSMISSION Chain Kart with chain transmission
Belt Kart with belt transmission for lower noise levels
BATTERIES TYPE Lead Kart setted up for lead batteries
Lithium Kart setted up for lithium batteries


Lithium batteries 48V
  • For wide autonomy (max 60 min): LiFePO4, 48V/90Ah
  • High performance kart:
    • LiPo 48V/40Ah (max 25 min)
    • LiPo 48V/62Ah (max 45 min)
Lead batteries 48V Four 12V lead batteries; Maximum autonomy 12 min.; Charging time approximately equal to use time.


FEATURES EQUIPMENT   ( standard   optional)
Base (BE) Safety (SE) Comfort and Safety (CSE)
Rollbar integrated in the seat kart-elettrici-v kart-elettrici-v
Four point safety belt kart-elettrici-v kart-elettrici-v
Foot protection bar kart-elettrici-v kart-elettrici-v
Adjustable pedals (with eight positions) kart-elettrici-v
Adjustable steering wheel (with three positions) kart-elettrici-v
Led front lights for night driving kart-elettrici-v
Multi Speed Advanced (MSA): 6+2 speeds, entry-box, baby,
beginner, intermediate + 2 speeds for advanced + 2 speeds for special uses. Optional overboost
Basic colors (Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, White, Grey) - Skywalker Collection kart-elettrici-v
Dimensions: cm 206x141 (Length x Width) kart-elettrici-v
Extremely solid chassis, made of seamless special chromium molybdenum steel tubes of 32 mm in diameter kart-elettrici-v
Replaceable and adjustable spindle holder kart-elettrici-v
Adjustable caster / camber kart-elettrici-v
Shaped platform in polyethylene to cover all the mechanical parts, including a tunnel cover for the integrated steering column kart-elettrici-v
Nose which can be opened for inspection of electrical and mechanical parts kart-elettrici-v
Reinforced and ergonomic pedals kart-elettrici-v
Self-adjustable brake pump kart-elettrici-v
Double brake cable (main and security backup) kart-elettrici-v
Double back hydraulic brake caliper kart-elettrici-v
Double back self-ventilated brake disc kart-elettrici-v
Differential kart-elettrici-v
Spring to adjust the level of effort while driving and the steering wheel will return in a central position when released kart-elettrici-v
Sportive steering wheel in steel kart-elettrici-v
Anatomical seat in polyethylene kart-elettrici-v
Headrest kart-elettrici-v
Integral polyethylene body (PEHD high density and strength) kart-elettrici-v
Thermoformed all around polyethylene bumpers (PEHD high density and strength) kart-elettrici-v
AC engine 48V (4 KW - 8 KW) with advanced electronic management kart-elettrici-v
Engine with waterproof and saltiness treatment for outside use kart-elettrici-v
Programmable multi-function electronic control unit kart-elettrici-v
Safety thermostats on motor and electronic control unit kart-elettrici-v
Pre-equipped for complete radio control system and automatic speed reduction in starting box kart-elettrici-v
Control panel with emergency STOP button and switch forward / reverse kart-elettrici-v
Automatic deceleration engine when brake and gas pedals used at the same time kart-elettrici-v
Led stop light kart-elettrici-v
Standard 4 Speeds (S4S): 4 speeds, entry-box, beginner, intermediate and advanced kart-elettrici-v


FEATURES EQUIPMENT  ( optional   - not available)
Base (BE) Safety (SE) Comfort and Safety (CSE)
F1 steering wheel
F1 steering wheel plus
Tyres at choice
Customizable graphics
Extracharge for graphics “Interceptor Collection”
Extracharge for graphics “Fighter Collection”
Extracharge for graphics “Drift Collection”
Kit for DPlus Kart (for disabled people) -
Kit for Safety Kart -
G Sensor
Sound Box OTL -