The Network unites the individual kart-track owners and attracts an increasingly growing number of fans. It is not a franchising business: each kart-track maintains its own identity, even though it is fully recognized as part of the network. Belonging to the Network offers kart track owners numerous advantages and very few drawbacks by setting a minimum standard of quality services. The Network has become the main promotional means for go-kart entertainment at a national level, by encouraging additional forms of entertainment that are connected to the world of go-karts.


  • The Network supports growth in the go-kart sector;
  • Each kart-track sees an increase in the flow of both consumers and businesses, multiplying the revenues generated by sponsorships;
  • Each kart-track can advertise its own initiatives through the network, or take advantage of the other network circuits’ promotions or other activities;
  • The Network attracts sponsors and companies interested in associating their brands with the raceways;
  • It organizes events at various kart-tracks with the sponsors to promote them through the Network’s portal;
  • It coordinates common initiatives, such as participation in Motor shows, competitions, etc.;
  • It draws up ad hoc contracts to promote Network events and initiatives via the media;
  • It develops economies of scale with common suppliers;
  • It draws up national agreements with large companies to offer service packages for kart-track owners;
  • It supports system management and provides advice when needed;
  • TThe Network offers services and strategic advice to launch a business.