Business plan

The creation of an indoor raceway for electric go-kart rentals requires a medium level of investment that offers a competitive economic return. The break-even point is expected within two or three years as long as the other facilities (e.g. the building) needed are rented.

OTL Italy can also support entrepreneurs for other types of projects, with a smaller investment, as far as the renting of vehicles to the public for its enjoyment is concerned; such as outdoor tracks (wherever possible), ice tracks (including artificial ones). All relevant solutions for those interested in making profits from their properties.

The entrepreneur who invests in OTL Italy, invests in the world of entertainment and targets all who love having fun or who want to experience strong emotions in a completely safe, pleasant and healthy environment. The business plan is designed to attract the most diverse target group in terms of age (from 8 to over 60), taste and gender, as well as racing fans by offering excellent services in comfortable facilities.

OTL Italy offers its clients a complete business plan, an indispensable tool for analyzing every aspect of a project, based on a decade of experience in building raceways. This service includes an initial consultancy for track design, legal and regulatory issues, managerial organization and promotional marketing; both before and after opening.

The business plan is made up of various sections, each contains the descriptions and plans needed for the investment down to the minimum detail: administrative costs, facility rent, the cost of personnel management, organizing a snack/sandwich bar (dining area), gaming room, lighting systems, locker rooms and services. OTL Italy provides continual guidance to the entrepreneur before, during and after the opening of a track, thanks to a decade of experience, to achieve a satisfying result and the public’s approval.

The success of the entire project is strictly connected to finding the ideal location. Indeed, this represents 50% of the success of entire operation (the start-up year turnover). The other 50% of success is attributed to competent management. The owner must find a right balance between the following factors: service, marketing, personnel and organization. OTL Italy’s business plan carefully and accurately analyzes each of these factors.