Business design

The objective of the entrepreneur who chooses OTL Italy is to offer new and exciting experiences. OTL Italy and its partners are spreading the concept of Marketing Design, an idea that fuses design with market analysis to offer products and services within the system as to meet and even exceed the public’s expectations.

OTL Italy’s Business Design plans and designs modular kart-tracks complete with areas for food, beverages, entertainment and customized architecture and furnishings for each section; including bathrooms. The entire space is transformed into the perfect entertainment spot to indulge the expectations, habits and preferences of its customers.

The design adds value to the planning and implementation of structures to:

  • Strengthen investments
  • Protect businesses from premature aging
  • Guarantee quicker investment returns

The Business Design applied to the circuit area of the track is clearly different from the one conceived for the other areas, such as the snack bar, reception, cashier’s desk, convention room and etc. Different levels of investment are chosen for each (entry level, medium level, top level).

The development of the Business Design includes:

  • Feasibility analyses
  • Technical drawings of the circuit
  • Technical drawings of the adjoining structures
  • Structural modifications to the building
  • Design and printed photos of the final result
  • Drafting documents for the technical office of city hall