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Terms and Conditions

Terms of use of the website
By accessing this website (www.otlkart.com), you accept the following terms and conditions. OTL Italia s.r.l. has the right to update and/or modify such terms and conditions at any time without any prior notice. The user is required to check the legal information every time he visits the site because using the site will automatically result in his acceptance of any changes.

Website content
All website contents (news, photos, videos, sounds, brands, logos, domain names, software, graphical layouts, technical documentation and manuals, etc.) and the rights to them related are reserved. Such contents can only be accessed for personal information, any other use of them is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of OTL Italia s.r.l..
Even though all the website information was carefully and reasonably presented and collected, there is no guarantee of its accuracy, completeness, usefulness, or as to how users may use it; OTL Italia s.r.l. is therefore not liable for any errors, inaccuracies or omissions with regards to such data or for failure to update the information provided.
OTL Italia s.r.l. reserves the right to change, without notice, or modify the website, or to change or delete parts of the website or products or activities described therein.
Some website pages can contain information on future plans, which are described from time to time via the use of words such as “expecting,” “estimating,” “planning,” “foreseeing” and “programming.” OTL Italia s.r.l. is not obliged to commit to such statements, as they are just statements, and is therefore not responsible for their implementation or lack of thereof.

OTL Italia s.r.l. is not liable, neither by way of competition, for the information and indications contained within the pages of the website. In particular, these do not represent any implied promise or guarantee with regards to the composition of products, their suitability for specific purposes and non-infringements of laws or patents. On the website, there can be some links to other sites of the network; the presence of such links means OTL Italia s.r.l. sponsors or is affiliated with the owners of such websites. OTL Italia s.r.l. has no influence on the configuration, availability, accessibility and contents of the pages connected to the website via links and does not ensure the accuracy, correctness, completeness or quality of the information in them contained; it is not liable for any legal violations found in such sites or for any unwelcome, damaging or offensive contents. Navigating on third party websites is therefore exclusively at the user’s own risk.
OTL Italia s.r.l. cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage, including loss of profit, resulting from omissions or errors, or from using or not being able to use the website and its contents, nor for any such damages resulting from the use of sites that are directly or indirectly connected, nor for any damages that can be in any way traced back to the content of the website, including the advertisements or products or services presented or offered.
In particular, when accessing and visiting the website, it is assumed that the system used by the user is fully compatible with the technology used by OTL Italia s.r.l. and that there will be no malfunctions of the computer structures used when connecting to the website. In no case will OTL Italia s.r.l. be held liable for any damages to computer systems as a result of a connection to the website or links to other sites, even in the presence of computer viruses or other attributable causes or anyhow related to the use of Internet.
The exclusion of liability clauses are not intended to avoid the requirements of the existing laws, nor to exclude liability whenever it cannot be excluded under the current regulations.

Intellectual Property of Third Parties
OTL Italia s.r.l., as the owner of the website, observes all the intellectual property rights of third parties and carefully checks the source of the images used. If, by mistake, an unauthorized photo or resource has been used, it will make sure to cancel it or to cite the author.
Some materials present on the website could be published and made available on the website by third parties without OTL Italia s.r.l.’s permission. The policy of OTL Italia s.r.l. does not allow the permanence of materials that infringe the rights of third parties. The user accounts that violate these rights will be canceled as soon as OTL Italia s.r.l. has been made aware of such violations.
Those you consider that the publication of images, films or other materials present on the website can infringe their right can request for them to be removed by sending OTL Italia s.r.l. a note with the following information:

  1. identification of the right that was violated or, in case of more rights, the list of all violations detected;
  2. identification of the material contained on the website that violates the right(s) mentioned above and object of removal or deactivation, accompanied with the identification information required by OTL Italia s.r.l. relating to the violation(s);
  3. the contact information of the owner of the right(s) that was violated, including the address, phone number and, if available, an email address;
  4. a statement saying the use of the material in question was not authorized by the owner, agents or legal representatives of the right(s) that was violated;
  5. a statement saying the information sent to OTL Italia s.r.l. is accurate, including the awareness that in the event of false declarations, there could be criminal penalties and saying that you have the authorization to proceed on behalf of the owner of the right(s) that has been violated;
  6. the signature, on paper or electronically, of the person authorized to proceed on behalf of the owner of the right(s) that has been violated.

The note referred to here above must be sent via registered mail to the following address:
” OTL Italia s.r.l.” Via delle Industrie, 8 – 31030 Vacil di Breda di Piave (TV)