In Brno karts change from petrol to electric

Brno, an important city of the Czech Republic, is not just the home of the MotoGPTM... !
For the friends and fans of OTL Karts, it is also an indoor track, which became a clear example of how a track that used petrol karts in the past can switch to electric karts.
Why take this historical decision?
The decision is a result of economical and regulatory measures, but the performance of electric karts is just as effective as that of petrol karts. We would also like to add something about healthiness: what damage is suffered when breathing the fumes of a petrol kart in an enclosed environment?
Due to a new legislation, managers were given the choice to either install a suction system or to switch to electric karts if they wanted to continue on operating.
The suction system is very expensive to install, but also very costly in terms of management. Electric consumption to make it work and, in the winter, heating costs to compensate for the fact that the suction system used to remove the fumes does cool the environment.
You can take a look at the track on the following link