OTL animates “Safety Day”

The OTL Karts, which were the protagonists of the “Safety Day and sustainable mobility” event organized at the Safety Park of Bolzano, raised a lot of interest.
The day, organized together with the innovation department of the “Corriere della Sera” newspaper, registered the presence of Volkswagen “e-up!” electrical vehicles, KTM’s new electrical cross motorcycles, cars and hydrogen buses, especially created for Bolzano’s Green Mobility project.
The Safe Driving center, Safety Park, a state of the art structure, in Italy, that uses the most modern technologies to train drivers on any kind of vehicle, set up a track to allow the public to test the latest OTL electrical Karts, which were much appreciated for their safety, quietness and ease of use while all pilots had a lot of fun!
A truly unforgettable day spent with many families and lived amongst sustainable mobility and innovation to explain how we will travel (and have fun) in the future.
A day to confirm, once more, OTL’s commitment to a green sport for everyone and in full respect of the environment.